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...we create and develop useful and beautiful everyday products, which are engaging, creative and contemporary.

About what we do

We are a UK-based limited company founded by Mette-Simone Dichmann in 2010.

With a small strong core-team we challenge the traditional way products are created and applied. Our aim is to bring either vastly improved or entirely new products to the consumer market. Products that not only work well, but also look amazing.

Our brands

Seen and Safe Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon

Seen & Safe will launch in the summer 2012.

Seen & Safe help increase the safety of children outside their home by making their vital information easy to see and act on.

We provide an engaging and entertaining online environment, where even very young users can create their own safety awareness designs, which in turn is printed on physical goods such as transfers, stickers and garments and sent to the customer.

Whether the individually relevant information relates to whom to contact if the child gets lost or how to handle medical conditions, the products are all designed to have maximum involvement from the user as well as maximum impact on the surroundings.

Check back soon to see what else we are planning to bring to you.

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